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welcome to Keystone



  • We are committed to be a leading Project Management organization that helps companies and developers to apply Project Management as a way of life.
  • We aim to create a cordial climate within Keystone that facilitates a suitable atmosphere for the development of human relationships.
  • We wish Keystone to be a dynamic, flexible firm in constant growth, a firm which offers its employees support in the development of effective and economic new ideas, markets and activities, thus providing all those who wish to progress with opportunities for professional and business development.

In summary

We wish to promote a pleasant working environment together with an economically viable, interesting business project, meeting the standard that is capable of attracting and retaining the best professionals.


Our Mission is to build a binding and continuous relationship with organizations seeking effective and economic Project Management and consultancy support and provide them with continuous capabilities improvement.

Definition “keystone”

A keystone is the architectural piece at the crown of a vault or arch which marks its apex, locking the other pieces into position. This makes a keystone very important structurally. In an arch, the keystone is usually larger than the voussoirs that make up the arch. The term is used figuratively to refer to the central supporting element of a larger structure, such as a theory or an organization, without which the whole structure would collapse.

Company Formation

Over the last eighteen years, Usamath Ismail (Usa) - the founder of Keystone is continued his services of project management, quantity surveying, construction management, procurement, consultancy and teaching in the construction industry of Maldives. His several contributions to the local and international clients have resulted to establish exclusive project management services, forming keystone International private limited- Maldives.


At Keystone we provide quality project management services mainly for construction and infrastructure developments. We guide, manage, control and engineer costs, finance, implementation process and assets. Thus we are determined to archive tangible benefits and success on the project at large in a short period of time frame. We tailor project management practices for the client’s policy, if policies and objectives are set. We also formulate for those who need to setup policies and deliverables.

We mange, direct and consult for high-profile business, residential and hotel property and construction clients. Our close involvement with international firms and local firms from development of remote island resort property to design and build power system projects in the capital city has made us unique and dynamic in problem solving, contingency planning and practicing effective project management methods and techniques than many other firms practiced locally. The geography and nature of the development in the Maldives is challenging, to achieve critical milestones compare with many other nations.

At keystone our experience and knowledge is stored, replenished and engineered   as systems. Lessons learned from project management experiences of the past and ongoing projects are analyzed and developed as new and adopted systems. Management approaches to deliverables are made to practical structured systems to follow and monitor, eliminating problems, motivating the project management team.

Our clients are involved in large construction and infrastructure projects and the operation of major assets. Our customers benefit from our consultancy and management expertise in assisting them to deliver such projects with certainty of time and cost.

This web site is designed to provide an over view to our service. It also conveys what makes Keystone different - the genuine and fundamental commitment to excellence that inspires everything we do, for every client.