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Our Services

We provide an extensive range of services to ensure the successful delivery of projects. This includes full definition and management of project delivery, complementary or support services such as planning and programming, as well as budgeting, cost management and appraisals.

Our philosophy is the same throughout: we will be seeking for ways to further enhance your eminence, help you extract additional value from the project – for a defined value.

Consultancy Services

In a competitive and dynamic world, your good ideas are precious. They should be shared, nurtured, valued and put into action. To help you do so, we have developed our consultancy and management services to review whether an idea is viable and - if so – recommend how to implement it. In most instances, our services are exclusively selected to meet your particular needs.

Our teams’ expertise includes business management;  project management;  construction management; value engineering, change; funding; capital investment & development; programmes; working environment; facilities management; and public and private procurement routes; and recruitment of professional personnel for respective fields.

Project Management

We specialize in managing construction projects, particularly those that are difficult or complex. It’s been our project personnel’s major profession for over 15 years.

We assist our clients in selecting professional personnel for projects by systematical categorization and selection of CV’s before personally interviewing every recruit. We provide a broad service that goes well beyond the design and construction phase.

A key point of differentiation for Keystone is that we acquire our project managers from a variety of disciplines – engineering, surveying, construction, architecture and development. What they all have in common is their enthusiasm and ability to set the route, drive, encourage, motivate and keep everyone on track throughout; through continuously developed systems.

Planning & Programming

Whether involved as part of a broader project management offering or as a standalone service, our planning and programming specialists provide the same focus on time and sequencing as a quantity surveyor will for cost. After all, how often is a late project a cheaper project?

This focus and cautious planning ensures greater reliance and allows identification of risks to produce a more efficient project delivery.

The impact is often enormous: achieving certainty for time-critical projects; reducing programme to allow facilities to open sooner or generate revenue earlier; optimizing the phasing for complex multi-faceted projects to maximize revenue and make them feasible.

Design planning & Management

Our design planning & management services are either integrated into broader project delivery or provided as an exclusive service for specific aspects of a project.

Design Administration & Support "Project Minder"
We help guide project architects, designers and administrators on a range of pre-construction issues, such as internal team questions, design brief, phasing options, impact of procurement and contract choices, or interpretation of appointments and duties.

Management advice and support to designer (& wider team)
During implementation, we can advise on issues such as extension of time claims, funding processes, progress monitoring/analysis and extras and changes.

Due Diligence & Appraisals

Sometimes you need an expert independent view on an existing project. Is it on time, on budget, will it deliver the benefits required? Is the team performing, can we all do better?

Our project consultants can give you the answers to these questions, as well as specific recommendations and peace of mind.

During early stages, we can provide strategic reviews, investment appraisals, risk analysis and due diligence prior to purchase or decision.